Flame of Hope

Sculpture: Metal, Granite, Stone, iron on Iron, Stone, Steel.

My sculpture "Flame of Hope" was designed to carry the flame of hope in every corner of our beautiful world.

About the work

Medium : Sculpture

Joël Equagoo * Flame of Hope * - Switzerland, 2020 •

Sculpture # N°2

Natural granite stone, iron ,metal, on a pedestal, signed .

20 × 20 × 130 cm

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My aim is to create abstract sculptures that are contemplative and evocative inspirations by nature. The organic form and quality of my sculptures lend an ephemeral feeling and they imply daily presence of nature in our life. I use stone, metal and natural and recycled materials, mixed media In all my works.

Color, form and space are all organic, intuitive and decisions
of transformation.

I explore spontaneous, subtle and gestural
forms through abstraction. The sculpting of form is an integral part of the creation process.

This sculpture is signed on the pedestal and
carefully shipped in a wooden create for safe delivery.